Natsoft Asia is set up with a vision to build digital ecosystems bringing Businesses and Technology providers together appropriately.

Natsoft Asia will focus on Industrial IoT solutions and Enterprise Workplace Behavior analytics. As part of its Social Responsibility and give backs, Natsoft will develop very specific solutions for Citizen services.

Natsoft Asia will work with niche and boutique firms offering state of art digital technology products and solutions. Digital solutions offerings are in their nascent stage and most service providers are not able to provide end to end solutions. This era needs a careful evaluation and development of an ecosystem for new business models to be established successfully while maturing the associated technology solutions. Natsoft will develop such Industry based ecosystems to provide very unique solutions to the clients.

Natsoft Asia will also provide tailored advisory services addressing the client organization issues of today in terms of Digital transformation, Selection of Technology and Service vendors and Program Governance.


Natsoft would help build the essential digital ecosystems for clients undertaking the digital transformation. Unlocking the Digital potential on top of current offerings is most essential to businesses today. With our people ecosystem, we would bring the SME’s to help our clients with the transformation journey.

Deliver Industrial IoT based Enterprise apps and services

Natsoft would bring Enterprise level apps and services delivered through cloud based IoT platform.
The initial focus is on Manufacturing, Chemical & Petroleum and Real Estate to build apps and services essential for efficiency and productivity. Our differentiation would be to automate the ingestion of data from PLC’s, Drives, Sensors & Actuators, Barcode Scanners and Industrial Ethernet IP layer, integrate the Enterprise Applications data through the Enterprise Middleware to build Cloud based services to deliver very niche applications through digital media. We have ecosystem partners to help our clients architect the automation of ingestion of the plant information.

Enterprise Transformation through Persuasive Technology

In a rapidly changing Business environments, models and ecosystems, we are addressing two critical challenges:

Renewed engagement of Sales Organization to increase Sales

Building an end to end platform for Innovation within the Organization

Delivered in a very short time through a cloud platform and mobile, these have started seeing breakthrough results from Clients in different industries.

Natsoft partners with Worxogo to enable Enterprise Transformation through Enterprise Persuasive Technology (EPT) applications - a combination of Behavior Design and Technology, intended to motivate and engage employees to elevate their performance. These applications use behavior design principles, behavior shaping nudges and analytics. At the heart lies a cognitive learning framework/engine, PersuACT, which sends customized persuasive mechanics to each individual user based on the user’s Persona, performance against business objectives and other environmental factors that influence behavior.

Sales Engagement: Our product xogosales is an Enterprise Persuasive Technology application from worxogo for managing the Sales 'feet-on-street' for improved Sales through enhanced engagement, persuasion and motivation mechanics. We expect a direct impact within a short period of time and see significant improvement in Sales through this unique application.

Innovation Management: Our product gIM is an Enterprise Persuasive Technology application from worxogo for managing end to end Innovation within the organization. It allows companies to involve employees in submitting ideas against objectives and tracking it through till implementation such that benefits accrue to organizations. The entire process is gamified so employee engagement actually increases during Project implementation.

Tailored IT Advisory

Natsoft will continue to use the experience of its people and extended SME’s to provide tailored advisory services for its Digital and IT Initiatives.

  • Assist clients to define an agile IT strategy and recommend an appropriate roadmap combining
    the Business and Technology initiatives.
  • Review and recommend the selection of most relevant ecosystem of Technology solutions and
    SI’s to its clients.
  • Review to reduce overall IT spend on initiatives through creatively structuring the program
    initiatives and contracting mechanism.
  • Offer lean but effective governance of programs with early warning system to manage delivery.


Natsoft will reinvest a portion of its profits to develop state of art solutions to help the society and citizens. These solutions are being evaluated along with the planned nationwide initiatives to bring value and convenience to people and social organizations. We hope to bring a richer eCitizen services while adding efficiency and productivity to the related organizations.


E-Mail ID: sales@natsoft.asia